Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Guys tees

A while ago I posted a blog entry about the fact that my products lacked guys t-shirts. I had designs all ready to go but after several emails back and forth with a printers I got no where. It sounded like it could have been pricey too. I have also had a creative block but finally an idea came to me.

So guys don't fear as plan number 2, is to spray paint onto tee using stencils that I have created.

cupcake stencil

skull stencil.

I am also working on some text deigns. I am pretty excited about this next idea and cant wait to get started hopefully I will have more luck than my last attempt.


Here are my lasted customised t-shirts. I make every tee unique so the customer can have the pleasure of knowing that they will be the only one wearing the design.

 (unless I design a Killswitch Engage tee and fall in love with it and them make one for myself)

I loved this tee so much I one for myself after I sold the first one. This has one shoulder strap and bow detail. I really like the design on the tee, the bright green skull with vivid red lettering. I love the band too.

This tee I  really like. Most of the time when I'm making my tops I don't have a plan I just start cutting. I was lucky this time it worked out well. The top has yet to be sold.

Misfits tee with lots of slashing. Also unsold.

Rolling stones tee. I tried to use current trends with this one which is why the top has fringing at the front. The top would be really cool worn in the summer or at a festival. It is also unsold.

All my items are on http://www.folksy.com/shops/holeeemma88
and http://www.etsy.com/people/holeeemma88