Thursday, 1 April 2010

'Vans Trainers' 2010

This is my most recent work. I have been working to recreate paper trainers starting with Vans. These images document my first attempts. The shoes are hand stitched with paper and all come in a handmade box.
I hope to make lots or trainers in different patterns and colours. So watch this space for the latest editions.

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  1. Wow, took me a minute to realise they were actually paper! great blog, looking forward to see what you come up with next!
    I started my blog in my third year to help me rationalise my ideas, post sample pictures ideas, thoughts etc, it really helped me make sense of things! Check it out (its a bit neglected at the moment, iv been busy with work) check out my earliest posts, these were from when i was doing my degree project! hope it helps! If you would like me to feature you on my blog send me some pics and id love to post them! may help you to get some more feedback and followers ;) Good luck with everything, hope it goes amaingly well!xx