Friday, 24 December 2010

New bags

Hey everyone,
I hope you are all enjoying you christmas breaks. I have returned home for a few days and have finally had chance to upload some of my stuff onto the site this is the link so far I have only got my tote bags on sale of which I have images.

All these bags are on sale on etsy and are priced at £8.50.

I will have other items on sale within the next week. Here is a preview of what else I have made.

I have handmade pop up skull cards.

Also I have t-shirts that I've enhanced and customized. So far I have a size14 Fall Out Boy tee with open back and bow detail.

A size 10-12 Red Hot Chilli Peppers tee with a corseted back.

A halter neck Sex Pistols dress size 10 with chain detail.
Fianlly I have one piece of Jewellery which I really want to keep for myself!!

Frankinstein necklace with my added dimantes around the outside

I hope you like my designs and if you have any questions, feedback or requests please get in touch!!
Thanks guys and Merry christmas

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